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        by equipping students, educators and organizations with the tools to dismantle prejudice in their own communities. 

        38,393 youth

        have been given the tools and resources to dismantle prejudice through our programs and resources

        550 teachers

        trained on anti-discrimination work in the classroom

        73 organizations

        trained with Mosaic Institute's tools to combat prejudice in their communities

        WHAT WE DO

        Through dialogue, research, training and policy, the Mosaic Institute equips students, teachers, and organizations across Canada with the tools they need to dismantle prejudice in their own communities.

        Protest Signs

        A Lens on Women's Rights During the COVID-19 Pandemic


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        Dialogue on Race Relations in Ontario


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        The Evolving Challenge of Applying International Human Rights Law to Cyberspace


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        Next Gen equips youth 10-18 with the tools to dismantle prejudice. 



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        Your support allows us to impact youth, families, and communities nationwide.

        The work we do in dismantling prejudice would not be possible without the generous support of our donors.


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